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When it comes to event coverage, this isn’t our first rodeo.

You’ve put exceptional effort into ensuring that your conference or event is a memorable one. Now our team can capture the full experience on camera — while making sure it all goes off without a hitch. That means knowing how to blend in, assisting where needed, and not interfering in the important highlights of the day.
We’ll handle all pre-planning, management, and post-production, so you can focus on the many other details that need your attention.
For more specific information about our event coverage services, or to discuss specific details about your next event, feel free to give us a call today. We’re here to answer your questions.

Fact: 90% of online shoppers find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions.

No wonder retailers report that they sell more products when they’re featured in a video than when they forego footage.
We’ve helped many companies in Los Angeles boost their conversion rates and sales through corporate videos, including TV spots, infomercials, and product videos.  We do this by asking the right questions to refine our approach and helping you get clear on what you need and why you need it.

Drones have created a whole new world of possibilities.

Integrating beautifully with more traditional footage, aerial videography creates an impactful narrative using hard-to-reach perspectives that shape a captivating and dynamic visual story. Our aerial video services allow you to capture shots as far as a mile up, and smoothly shoot unique angles simply by hovering at ground level.
USAGE – Aerial videos add richness and depth to many different types of video, and is especially useful for large-scale events, panoramic views, architecture, weddings, concerts, real estate, and live events.

Video Types

Brand Videos
Corporate Presentations
Real Estate Videos

Event Videos
Explanatory Videos
Video Backgrounds
Product Videos

Promotional Videos
Video Reels
Sales Videos
Trade Show Videos
Social Media Videos


Professional photography services for your website and digital marketing use.

Introduce your business to the world with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, locations, products, customers and events.
High-quality photography is critical in capturing and engaging the attention of your online audience. Professionally shot, recent photos of your team and location help you build trust online. A library of high-resolution images including event photography, lifestyle photography and corporate photography empowers both your digital marketing strategy and your website’s visual storytelling. Of course, you probably already know that top-quality product photography is a big factor in boosting e-commerce conversions (making shoppers 3x more likely to purchase). But did you know that your tweets will get 155% more retweets (and 55% more leads) more with relevant imagery? It’s true.

So what are you doing with those mediocre stock photos?

Vibrant photos help people remember you and what you do. It’s been shown that people who hear information are only likely to remember 10% of that info 3 days later — compared to remembering 65% of the info 3 days later when shown with a relevant image.

Our team of professional photographers has years of experience shooting people and products that capture our clients’ unique personality, show customer engagement, and highlight product details. Since you can’t meet each potential new online lead in person, professional, high-resolution photos are absolutely essential to making a positive first impression.

Whether you need a new library of photos of your business location, office, executive team, and happy customers, or you have an important corporate event that you want to document and share, our in-house professional photography team can capture the important moments and details for you.

Need both video and photography services as part of your project? We’re happy to oblige.


Animation, Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Animation, motion graphics and visual FX can take your video production project to the next level. These post-production services add visual appeal, help tell the story, and enhance the existing video footage. At Digital Pumpkin, our talented staff animators and Visual fx artists utilize our state-of-the-art software and hardware to bring your visions to life.

Motion Graphics

Almost all video projects need motion graphics. From lower thirds to opens, closes, bumpers, logo, and information throughout, graphics will help tell your story and enhance the overall production quality of your piece.

Visual FX

From green-screen compositing that gives your footage any background, you can dream up, to adding steam to footage of food to make it look hot and delicious… Let our talented visual FX artists work some magic on your next project and you’ll be blown away by what you see.


Animation can be a great supplement to any video production project, or in some cases, the video can be entirely animation driven. From character animation to logo animation, and everything in between, our talented animators can create any kind of 3D or 2D animation for your next project.

Website Development

Experience award-winning web design

A top website design is more than an “About Us” and a “Contact” page. It’s how you communicate.  It’s how you show off your products and capabilities and most importantly, it’s how you convert leads.  A ( CTA ) call-to-action strategy needs to intuitively guide your visitors through your brand story and products or services.  The user experience and user interface need to make them engage, take action and convert. An integrated blog and easy to use CMS needs to feed them content and dynamically update those static web pages.  Ebooks, videos and other micro-conversion opportunities need to to be reaching out to those conducting research and analysis (Check out our ebook on “10 questions to ask before starting your web design project”).

If you are going to redo or just plain do this website thing, let us help you do it right.  You need to analyze the competition, create content that matters, communicate effectively and convert your visitors. You probably just wanted a brochureware website.  Don’t fret, designing your website right doesn’t cost you extra, it just takes choosing the right web design company and asking for the right features… but doing it wrong might cost you everything. Let Digital Pumpkin’s experienced team of web design professionals take you on this journey, the right way.

Our years of web design experience have led to a results-driven process that ensures successful outcomes.  We start with analysis, research, and planning followed by architecture, wireframing and content creation, including copywriting, photography and video.  With the planning behind us, the design and content assets in place the website development stage begins. Our development process takes place on the best website platforms and uses the best web development languages.  We add tools and applications that produce results. The end result, an award-winning website design, strong SEO and a website ready to take on any inbound or digital marketing strategy you can throw at it.

Ultra-shareable content for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and more.

Fact: video is the most effective digital marketing tool there is.

According to HubSpot, one of the preeminent industry authorities in in-bounding marketing, video can:

  • Increase email click-through rates by 200 – 300%
  • Increase landing page conversions by 80%
  • Make users 64% more likely to buy a product

Ready to get rolling? We’re always here to answer questions or provide a complimentary quote.

Branding & Design

A strong brand architecture will harness economies of scale.

Brand architecture is a challenge that comes with success. Say you create a new product line, a new profit center or a new service. Better yet, you grow or acquire a new business. But with all this growth, when do you take stock of the logos you have acquired? When and how do you make the time to get your house of brands in order?  After all, when we grow these brands and build these businesses, the expectation is to harness “economies.”

Without a coherent brand architecture, you are lost, you spend money marketing brands that don’t reinforce one another, you create runts, and your marketing efforts get bogged down by costs and complexities. It’s simple: You’re not harnessing “brand equity” and it’s time-consuming, expensive and inefficient.

Vital can help you explore your brand architecture. It’s an exercise we have a lot of experience doing. We’ll help you create a brand persona that fits your market, products, and audience. We’ll take a holistic look at your house of brands and tie them together with our logo development process and brand architecture analysis. Our logo creation process will help your business look professional, and we’ll also work with your company (or companies) on creating an effective brand architecture strategy to make your brand consistent and recognizable across all channels.

Logo design

Why? Creating logos is the holy grail for a branding agency.  Being a part of designing a logo is like being part of the birth of a child- it’s an inspiring opportunity, it’s the ultimate challenge, it’s a bestowed honor and for our designers, it’s how they earn their stripes.  A logo’s visibility is undeniable from websites and advertisements to signs and business cards a logo is the foundation of a brand.  Knowing this we approach every logo design with an inspired dedication.

When it comes to logo design, we have the right approach and we have some of the most talented designers on the web but this does not make a logo design strategy.  To have successful results, to create award-winning designs and to consistently impress our clients it comes down to having a repeatable process.  At Digital Pumpkin we have honed our process over time and it is the only way we know to be successful every time.

Video Services

Photo Services

Visual fx Services

WEB Services

Design Services


Concept Development
Location & Tech Scouting
Crew Assembly


In Studio Filming
On Location Filming
Aerial Filming
Green Screen Filming


Video Editing
Color Grading
Visual Effects
Audio Mixing
2D/3D Animation


Full-day or half-day photo shoots
Professional camera and lens kits
Professional lighting setup
Photo editing, color correction & retouching
Photo metadata to SEO best practices

Photoshoot Types

Corporate team photography
Product photography
Commercial photography
Event photography
Location and architectural photography
Lifestyle photography
Food photography
Social media photography


Concept Development


2D/3D Animation




OnePage or MultiPage Website Design
Online Shop Development
Social Media Design & Management



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